The Loyalty Leap of Faith Subscription Box!

Hi! One year ago we began something super cool and we are excited that this adventure has been so loved by y'all! Welcome to year two of the Leap of Faith Subscription Box, a quarterly box that features one book by a BIPOC, Queer, Disabled, or otherwise marginalized writer that is emerging in the publishing world! We celebrate this work with all of our might! We'll host an event (digital for the time being!) with the author that subscription holders are invited to, as well as get signed copies AND an exclusive item made just for the box. We'll also include other goodies that we think readers will love associated with the themes of the book (think: bookmarks or covers, pins, stickers, totes, the book lover classics really). We started Leap of Faith for several reasons:

1. During the pandemic what we miss most about our former daily bookselling life is handing you books that make our hearts pound and discussing them with you in the store! Like. This is why we have a store. We want to show you books you may have missed, encourage you to try a genre  you've always skipped, or show you the book you've been waiting for to finally be written like it was just for you. 

2. Every season there is a book that booksellers cannot stop talking about, but for the many difficulties of getting some notice in the vacuum of book publishing, Indie bookstores are integral in introducing new or under the radar authors to readers.

3. Sadly, number 2 above disproportionately affects the preorder sales, the life of the book itself, and future contract options for authors of color. That is exactly the kind of nonsense Loyalty Bookstores exists to counteract within the book industry!

So we came up with the Leap of Faith subscription Box! So that even after we reopen to browsing we can reach as many people as possible to shout about a book we love from the rooftop. Each season we will pick

You can pick out your prefered box below, or you can really jump over the moon with us and subscribe to all 4 boxes for a year's worth of goodness. When you start off with a single box you will be invited to purchase the next one, but there is no automatic renewal. The Yearlong subscription is a full year's worth of boxes onward from when you subscribe! Our current box features SANKOFA by Chibundu Onuzo. Either way, welcome to the adventure and thank you for giving us your faith. 


Hannah + the Loyalty Team 

PS. The Fine Print: This is currently a subscription box for teen and adult readers! Please do not subscribe any littles to it. Or, ya know, you do you but we warned you! Each box will ship via USPS priority mail or can be picked up at our Petworth, DC or Silver Spring, MD stores. You will select this option during checkout. If this is a gift, please fill out the giftee's information in the "ship to" portion of your order and drop any note you wish for them in the comments section. We will begin shipping each box likely ON the book publication date due to current shipping delays from publishers and creators. There is a limited amount for each box which will be determined by author availability to sign and amount of subscription holders. We will not sell the boxes each season beyond that limit. Leap of Faith yearlong subscription box holders are first in line for each season. And, as always, please remember: the pandemic isn't over just because you're over it.