Emily: Courage Amid Shadows of the Confederacy (Paperback)

Emily: Courage Amid Shadows of the Confederacy Cover Image
By Ken Dehaveen, Katie Zdybel (Contribution by), Maureen Cutajar (Designed by)
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Emily Harmon is only sixteen years old when her family travels by covered wagon from Illinois to Missouri. On the trip, Emily encounters what her father calls 'remnants of war'-- social and economic ills that linger long after the battles of the Civil War. The most alarming remnant is a loose organization of criminals, bushwhackers, who terrorize innocent citizens.

They turned Gainesville, a small community in the Missouri Ozarks, into a fearful, dangerous place. In her new town, Emily and her deaf friend discover a cultish leader named Wylds using bushwhacker tactics to support his Confederate cause--to overthrow the government and return black Americans to slavery. Brimming with courage, Emily leads a team of young friends and law officers against Wylds and jails forty bushwhackers.

All the while, Emily deals with the challenges of being a young woman in the nineteenth century. This includes her mother's old-fashioned, close- minded views of he proper ambitions and behavior of a young woman.

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ISBN: 9781513667935
ISBN-10: 1513667939
Publisher: Ozarks Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 2021
Pages: 292
Language: English