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Freddie Vs. The Family Curse is one of my favorite middle grade books I've ever read! It's hilarious and heartwarming, engaging, and so much fun! I especially loved all the aspects of Filipino folklore and culture! If I am in the store, be prepared for me to shove this into your hands because I will be recommending it to everyone!

— Christine


In this thrilling and hilarious middle grade adventure, a young Filipino-American boy must team up with his ancestor to break the curse that's haunted their family for generations . . . or be trapped in an amulet forever.

Freddie Ruiz is cursed.

While other people may have bad days, Freddie and his family have had bad generations: from bird poop splatting on him during picture day to the many tumbles and trips that earned him the nickname Faceplant Freddie. He's learned to lay low and keep himself out of trouble--which means no fun, no friends, and definitely no risks.

But when he discovers a family heirloom, a century-old amulet from the Philippines that's supposed to bring good fortune, Freddie thinks his luck is finally about to change.

He couldn't be more wrong. Because the spirit of Freddie's cranky great-granduncle Ramon is trapped in the heirloom, and the evil spirits responsible for his death have returned with a vengeance. Now, Freddie and his cousin, Sharkey, have thirteen days to break the curse, or Freddie will join Ramon for an untimely afterlife in the amulet.

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ISBN: 9798200967643
Publisher: HarperAudio
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Language: English