Loyalty Bundles and Booksellers' Picks!

Stay home! Read well. 

Let our booksellers build you a handpicked "bundle" of goodies! We became booksellers because we like matching the perfect book to the person who will love it most. Let us put our bookseller brains to work for you and build the perfect gift for your loved ones, coworkers, or even just for you!  

For adults our Stay the F Inside Bundles have three tiers ranging in price and that will get you multiple books as well as awesome gift items like, prints, candles, pins, pens, the whole range of loyalty goodies selected by our booksellers to go with your books and taste as indicated by the questionnaire. See all your options below and don't forget to fill out the bundle questionnaire! The questionnaire needs to be filled out before we will be able to assemble your bundle (please fill out the questionnaire on behalf of your giftee. We will not send the questionnaire to your bundle recipient)

Can't afford a whole bundle? Or don't want to fill out the questionnaire? No problem; we'll pick out just a couple of books for ya with our Bookseller's Picks option with just as much love and care.

And for the kiddos in our life we have Indoor Kids Bundle options (ranging from $50, $80, or $100) and check out that questionnaire so we make sure the bundle you get fits their needs (please remember to fill out the questionnaire on behalf of your giftee)

And finally, just want to write some letters? But like, actually write them? Check out our Stationery Bundle! If you'd like holiday cards included in your stationary Bundle just make a note in the comments of your order. 

Thanks for staying Loyal and staying safe! 

[Please note that the pictures on the items below are examples and not exactly what will be in each bundle. Each Bundle is uniquely chosen based on the questionnaire!]