Burt the Beetle Doesn't Bite! (Kobo eBook)

Burt the Beetle Doesn't Bite! By Ashley Spires, Ashley Spires Cover Image


A hilarious story about one bug’s quest for greatness (with some cool insect facts mixed in!).

Meet Burt, a ten-lined june beetle. He’s sure he has a superpower like other insects. No, he can’t carry 50 times his weight, like ants, or spray paralyzing venom, like some termites. What june beetles seem to do best is chase porch lights and lie on their backs flailing their legs in the air … hmm. Maybe Burt doesn’t have any special skills after all … But when some other bugs get into perilous trouble that even their superpowers can’t get them out of, Burt realizes there is one helpful thing only he can do …

Why shouldn’t every bug have its day (even the wannabe superhero kind)? Kids will be rooting for this one!

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781525307614
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021