Loyalty Indoor Kids Bundle Level 1


Keep occupied, learn a thing, and have some fun with our Indoor Kids Bundle!

So, now you have an Indoor Kid! Whether they’re loving it or ready to break out, whether you’re struggling to bring some school into the home or you’ve been waiting to discuss Galileo via Indigo Girls for years, or you’re not really sure if you’re tween is reading or just plotting your demise, we got you. Select your price range (we have $40-$100 so the bundles are substantial, but budget conscious) and fill out this questionnaire! If you’re getting a second bundle for you kiddo, just let us know in the notes so we make sure not to send any repeats.

This $40 level will include multiple books, two games or activities, and journal or bathtime bubbles depending on the age of the child. 

Price: $50.00